Joe Mayhew

A self-employed web developer. I am available for any job no matter the size or content of the task. I am always looking for fresh challenges and tasks: please have a look at my past projects on the Website Portfolio page.

The last few years I have been working with local arts project Watford Live! To showcase all of the town’s diversity and community projects.

Currently I am moving into WordPress plugin and Android app Development.

Education and Knowledge base.

7 Years studying all aspects of ICT at West Herts College. Modules I studied  where:

Word processing
MS Excel
Databases MS Access, MySQL and database management techniques
Networking Technologies and system admin
Presentation skills and Project Management
Photo and Image development tools
Human Computer Interface (HCI)
Finally finding a true interest in Web development and internet strategies. The main reason for this is that the internet is a constantly evolving and changing collection of knowledge and resources, my aim is that as the internet grows and develops so will my knowledge and skill.

During the last 7 years I have found that learning to juggle has helped me learn and unwind after long days sat at computers, or for a 5 minute break often helps me return with a fresh look on the task. I have developed my juggling skill to the stage of juggling 5 balls. I also take great pleasure in teaching others to juggle, I often run circus skills workshops teaching people from ages 7 to 77.

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